Companys Credit Ratings

Rating agency Assigned credit ratings
Standard & Poors +/B, outlook - Positive
Fitch Ratings -, outlook - Stable
Moodys Investors Service 1, outlook Stable

Note: The rating information and their assigning methodologies are available on the rating agencies web-sites: www.standardandpoors.ru, www.fitchratings.ru, www.moodys.com

Credit Ratings of the Companys securities

Securities with assigned credit rating
Rating agency
Assigned credit rating
Non-convertible interest-bearing certificated exchange-traded bonds in bearer form of series -06 subject to mandatory deposit Fitch Ratings - (date of assignment: 14.12.2015)

Public Borrowings

In 2015 JSC Atomenergoprom placed four issues of exchange-traded bonds with a total nominal value of RUB 30 billon. Detailed information on exchange-traded bonds of JSC Atomenergoprom in circulation is given below:

Identification number of issue Placement due date Circulation period
Issuing volume, RUB billion Warrant interest rate. %
402-06-55319- 13.07.2015 10 years, issue terms provide for a put option for 5 years and a call option for 2 years
402-07-55319- 25.12.2015
10 years, issue terms provide for a put option for 7 years and a call option for 4.5 years
30.12.2015 10 years, issue terms provide a call option for 5.5 years 5 11.1

Note: The exchange-traded bond issue of series -05 with a nominal volume of RUB 10 billion placed in 2015 was bought back by JSC Atomenergoprom on December 25, 2015 and was early repaid.

Issuing documents are available on JSC Atomenergoproms website