Russia continues supplying nuclear fuel to Switzerland, ROSATOM spokesman Sergey Novikov told ITAR-TASS.

By this he refuted earlier media reports that the Swiss utility Axpo (Axpo Holding AG) had refused to buy uranium for the nuclear power plant in Beznau because the Russian supplier, PA Mayak, didn’t observe environmental safety standards.

“One year ago the Swiss company shifted to order materials from Siberian Chemical Combine, which is also a ROSATOM’s company, Novikov said. “As to deliveries from Mayak, the Swiss partners were provided with all exhaustive reports on environmental acceptability of the process.”

According to Novikov, later Axpo’s representatives “made knowingly unsatisfiable demands of visiting a number of restricted-access sites in the “closed” city territory where foreign nationals are prohibited by the federal law of Russia.” “The Swiss partners were suggested an alternative chain of supply and they have used it,” Novikov stressed.