Russia could find new markets for its cutting-edge civilian nuclear technologies in Europe, and no barriers stand in its way, a senior European energy official said on Wednesday at a nuclear industry forum in St. Petersburg.

Speaking at the Atomexpo-2013 international forum, Europe’s Energy Envoy Deputy Peter Farros said Europe was "interested in the most advanced nuclear power plant technologies irrespective of their origin" and he saw "no obstacles for using Russian civilian nuclear technologies" there.

Sergey Kirienko, head of Russia’s state-run civilian nuclear corporation Rosatom, said last week he was confident cooperation with the United Kingdom could lead to Russia one day being involved in building new nuclear power plants in that country, something that has been on Rosatom’s wish-list for a number of years.

Rosatom is currently involved in projects for the construction of 28 nuclear power plants, 19 of which are abroad, with ongoing projects in Belarus, China, India, Turkey and Vietnam. Rosatom’s order book totals about $70 billion over the next decade, the firm’s website says.

Source: RIA Novosti