Russian nuclear specialists will have meetings with their colleagues from South Africa and a number of other countries during the upcoming third international conference "Nuclear Power in the XXI Century", which will be held on June 27-29 in St. Petersburg, said Deputy Director General of ROSATOM Nikolai Spasskiy.

The conference goal is to sum up at the level of ministers and international experts the results of the role of nuclear power in mitigation of climate change consequences as well as in meeting the growing global needs in electricity.

"I will name five countries, which will have the maximum level of representation and with which very good, substantive bilateral meetings will naturally take place. These are our Indian colleagues, Belarus colleagues, Ukrainian colleagues. Then goes South Africa; and I would highlight this, since you know that this topic was discussed at high-level negotiations. And lastly, our Vietnamese colleagues," Spasskiy said at a media conference in RIA Novosti on Tuesday. According to Spasskiy, a meeting of the Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Safety Working Group of the bilateral Russia-U.S. Presidential Commission is planned to hold during the conference.

More than 70 IAEA Member States will participate in the conference. We expect an active discussion involving countries, which will propose their plans of nuclear power development, Zef Mazi, Senior Strategy Officer of the IAEA added.

Earlier, such conferences were held in 2005 in Paris (France) and 2009 in Beijing (China).
Source: RIA Novosti