The upcoming third international conference "Nuclear Power in the XXI Century", which will be held on June 27-29 in St. Petersburg, will become the largest forum in the history of nuclear energy, Deputy Director General of ROSATOM Nikolai Spasskiy believes.

The conference goal is to sum up at the level of ministers and international experts the results of the role of nuclear power in mitigation of climate change consequences as well as in meeting the growing global needs in electricity.

"It can be said without exaggeration that this event, perhaps, the largest event (of forums) ever happened over the entire history of the nuclear power in the world," Spasskiy Tuesday said at a media conference at RIA Novosti. "We pin big expectations on the upcoming event and it is not only because it is a huge forum in our field. We expect a discussion of topics, which are of concern of both our professional community and, in a broad sense, the civil society," he added.

According to Spasskiy, the plenary sessions and topical sessions will discuss issues of nuclear power and environment, nuclear safety, achievements in infrastructure and development of innovations in nuclear power. "By date, the conference is to be attended by 83 countries; 584 participants have registered. Of them, 60 are ministers and persons of the ministerial rank," Spasskiy added.

The conference is organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in cooperation with the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD/NEA). The conference is hosted by the Government of the Russian Federation, the Deputy Director General notes. Earlier, such conferences were held in 2005 in Paris (France) and 2009 in Beijing (China).
Source: RIA Novosti