Moscow and Havana have initialed an agreement on the settlement of Cuba’s debt to Russia for Soviet loans.

The document was signed in the presence of Cuban leader Raul Castro and visiting Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

The sides also signed several other documents, including an inter-governmental agreement on cooperation in the field of space exploration; a memorandum of understanding between Rosatom and Cuba’s national nuclear security centre with regard to cooperation in the field of nuclear medicine and production of radioactive medical preparations; an agreement between the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment on cooperation in the field of hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring.

Russia and Cuba signed an options agreement for the supply of An-158 planes between Ilyushin Finance and Cuban Aviation Corporation and a letter of intent with regard to Russian aircraft supply and maintenance.

The Russian Federal Customs Service and the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment signed a protocol of cooperation, exchange of information and mutual assistance within the framework of the unified system of Customs Union tariff preferences.