The mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has completed its work to assess Belarus’ nuclear infrastructure, BelTA learnt from head of the international cooperation department of the Belarusian Energy Ministry Lilia Dulinets.

“The mission pointed to a considerable progress in building infrastructure for the future NPP,” Lilia Dulinets said. In her words, the draft findings of the mission contain 17 recommendations and a number of suggestions regarding the infrastructure development, like streamlining nuclear energy laws, enhancing the role of the regulating authority and technical support.

“The mission came to the conclusion that the country has reached the adequate level of nuclear infrastructure development across the majority of 19 points, like the NPP construction site, environmental safety of the facility, NPP integration into the Belarusian energy system, industry participation in the project,” she said.

“The IAEA experts also outlined a number of achievements of Belarus, the so-called good practices that the IAEA Secretariat will recommend for use in other countries that have decided to build nuclear power plants,” said Lilia Dulinets. These include a special high-level interdepartmental committee involving representatives of all government bodies and organizations concerned, the NPP personnel training program adopted at an early stage, experience in the field of radiation protection and environmental monitoring, and others.

“During the final meeting the head of the mission, head of the IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy Jong Park noted the high level of expertise of Belarusian specialists involved in the nuclear energy program. In closing remarks, he expressed absolute confidence that the nuclear energy program will be implemented successfully, safely and for peaceful purposes,” Lilia Dulinets said.

The mission involved 14 experts from the IAEA Secretariat and the states that have an extensive experience in the field of nuclear energy, and also representatives of more than 20 government bodies and organizations involved in the national nuclear energy program. The IAEA mission will present the final report in September 2012.  



Source: BelTA