Six hundred Turkish students will be sent to Russia to train for employment at the planned Turkish nuclear power plant located at Mersin-Akkuyu as part of a government-funded project. The students will be given full scholarships, and all their expenses will be paid. They are also guaranteed high-salary employment upon their return.

Turkish Minister of Energy Taner Yildiz said that Turkey will have to build and operate three nuclear power plants before 2023 to meet the country’s growing energy requirements.

The minister also noted that much progress has been made in ongoing negotiations with Japan, China, South Korea, Russia and Canada for a second nuclear power facility on the Black Sea.

The project involves sending the students to study at the Russian National Nuclear Research University (MEPhI), and was coordinated in partnership with the Akkuyu NGS Power Production Corporation. After graduation, the students will sign contracts in which they will work at least 13 years at the Akkuyu nuclear power facility.

Students will spend one year learning Russian before five and a half years of nuclear engineering education. While attending the university, students will receive a $500 monthly stipend in addition to one round trip flight between Turkey and Moscow each year. All of their school books, supplies, food and lodging will also be paid for by Akkuyu.  Upon finishing the university studies portion of the program, the students will spend one to three years as interns in Russian nuclear power facilities.

After finishing their education and internship in Russia, the students will be employed, with health insurance and housing along with high salaries, at the new Akkuyu nuclear power plant.
Source: Al-Monitor