In December 2012, the VVER-TOI project will be submitted to the European utilities’ organization for certification for conformance to EUR requirements, Ilya Kopytov, first deputy director general and director for engineering at Atomenergoproekt, told Nuclear.Ru on April 5. “Our project chart says that in December the VVER-TOI project should be submitted for certification to EUR and IAEA. By this time, the design will have been completed in multi-D, the documentation handed over to the customer and its translation into English finished,” Kopytov said. According to Kopytov, the main of the design will be available by September 2012.

The Atomenergoproekt’s official explained that currently the EUR requirements “are fundamental” at many international tenders, in particular, in China. Rosenergoatom is contacting on VVER-TOI with the IAEA experts. The VVER-TOI project - standard optimized and informatized nuclear power unit with a 1300-megawatt water-water power reactor - is the first project of the Russia’s series nuclear power plant. The project provides for design, construction, operation and decommissioning of a nuclear power plant within the common information space.


Source: Nuclear.Ru