The State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom" is implementing an absolutely new project, which envisages the creation of reactors of new generation, which the domestic nuclear industry will use starting from 2020-2025, Rosatom Director General Sergey Kirienko said during his visit to the city of Seversk in the Tomsk Region and a visit to the Siberian chemical plant on Wednesday.

Kirienko also noted that the coordination council of the state-run corporation "acknowledged that from all enterprises of the nuclear industry the Siberian chemical plant will be the best variant to launch the experimental production of solid fuel and to produce the first fuel of new generation," the public relations department of the Siberian chemical plant said in a statement transmitted to Itar-Tass on Wednesday. "Public hearings will be conducted after all necessary documents are prepared in Seversk. The decision to launch an industrial production will be taken later," the ROSATOM head said.

Kirienko also stated that "the solid fuel for fast reactors and closed nuclear fuel cycle are becoming very important promising trends in the activities of the corporation."

ROSATOM explained that the project, which was dubbed Breakthrough, is linked with the creation of reactor of future generation, on which the nuclear industry will operate starting from 2020-2025, and will be implemented at the Siberian chemical plant. The Siberian chemical plant incorporates five plants for the treatment of nuclear materials and a thermal power station. One of the guidelines in the operation of the Siberian chemical plant is to provide for the uranium demand for nuclear fuel at nuclear power plants, the generation of thermal and electric power. The Siberian chemical plant is incorporated in the TVEL fuel company of the ROSATOM state corporation.

The Siberian chemical plant said in a statement of its press service that the ROSATOM chief signed a comprehensive agreement for cooperation between the authorities of the Tomsk Region and the ROSATOM state corporation in Seversk. Kirienko explained that "a very important provision of the document envisages the development of Seversk." "ROSATOM committed to attract additional billions of investments and increase the taxes, the region committed that growing revenues, which we yielded in the previous year, will be allocated for the development of the Seversk infrastructure under the targeted programs next year," the press service reported.

At the meeting with workers of the chemical plant Kirienko noted that the ROSATOM corporation allocated 25 million roubles and already transferred some part of these allocations to the TVEL Company upon the decision for co-financing of the programs for the support of business in 2012 together with the Tomsk regional authorities. "We are interested in the creation of new jobs in Seversk, and it is important that highly-paid jobs were provided not only at the Siberian chemical plant," he noted. Kiriyenko called "the decision to launch a new conversion plant as one of important liabilities, which the ROSATOM corporation fulfilled for Seversk." "The investments in the project reached 7.5 billion roubles, the works already began," he underlined.

Source: ITAR-TASS News Agency