The Scientific and production Enterprise Nanoelektro LLC (a joint venture of RUSNANO and VNIINM) can have up to 15% of the world super-strong nano-structured wires market, JV Director Sergey Sudiev believes.

The partners are investing RUB1.02 billion to develop the production; of this amount VNIINM’s input is RUB570 million, including as equipment and intellectual property and RUSNANO’s share is RUB450 million. In the framework of the project it is planned to set up a commercial production of nano-structured wires with a capacity of up to 50 tons a year by 2015.

“The marketing, financial and economic analysis shows that the implementation of the JV project with RUSNANO will allow selling products made by SPE Nanoelektro at up to RUB880 million a year and subsequently transferring the technology to set up a large-series commercial production of nano-structured conductors at CMP, which is also part of the Fuel Company of ROSATOM TVEL, and covering up to 15% of the world high-strength wires market,” Sudiev said, as quoted in the Fuel Company TVEL publications.

At the second stage of the project RUSNANO will leave the project and a large-scale commercial production of wires with an output of up to 200 tons a year will be set up at CMP in 2014-2017.

Experts forecast that by 2015 the world super-wire market will approach US$696m, twice up the market of 2009. The Russian market of these products will reach US$34m or 5% of the world market.

Super-strong “nanowires” will be used in high-capacity pulsed magnets and magnetic pulsed inductors,contact wires of high-speed trains, aircrafts and spacecrafts, shipbuilding and electronics. 

Source: RIA Novosti