The first meeting of Russian-Thai group for use of atomic energy in the peaceful purposes was held in Bangkok  on Monday and Tuesday reported to RIA Novosti by Mr. Nikolay Drozdov, director of Rosatom International Business Department.

During the meeting there were discussed the perspective programs of bilateral cooperation in the area of use of atomic energy in the peaceful purposes and nuclear safety, which parties are preparing to implement in accordance with Memorandum of understanding signed in Vienna in September last year between State Corporation for Atomic Energy Rosatom and Institute of Nuclear Technologies of the Kingdom of Thailand, said the head of the department.

"We have discussed with our Thai partners opportunities for cooperation in different areas of nuclear industry including nuclear safety and radioactive waste management, use of isotopes for the needs of different industries and agriculture, medicine, training of professionals of all levels for nuclear industry, application of scientific developments in the area of nuclear physics ", — told Mr. Drozdov.

He also added that Thai Institute of Nuclear Technologies has been working for a long time in a number of areas where cooperation with Rosatom could bring the results interesting for the both parties. The most perspective of these areas are nuclear power industry and nuclear technologies..

"Thailand is an actively developing country with significant needs in electricity production and this is the area where Russia is capable to make interesting offers to Thailand. The first meeting of the work group held in Bangkok demonstrated that our cooperation in the area of peaceful atom came to a practical field ", — said the head of a department of the Russian atomic corporation.

"I think, Rosatom with its experience of international projects, will render a comprehensive assistance to Thailand to mutual benefits of the both parties", — noted Mr. Drozdov.

The Russian party invited the Thai colleagues to take part in the annual forum ATOMEXPO 2015 to be held in the beginning of June in Moscow, he said.

Source: RIA Novosti