Russia would take into account European Union’s methodologies when doing stress tests at its NPPs, First Deputy Director General of ROSATOM Alexander Lokshin told RIA Novosti. The ROSATOM official was taking part in a meeting with EU representatives in Brussels. According to Lokshin, "the joint document states that the countries which have already carried out stress tests, and Russia is among such countries, will take into account the EU recommendations in their further work."

"Besides, we have agreed that we will exchange results of stress tests and send experts for cross-checks. In other words, Russian nuclear experts will take part in assessment of stress test results and in inspection efforts at EU nuclear power plants and, correspondingly, EU representatives will be invited again to assess reliability of Russian NPPs," he said.

Answering a question on whether it meant that Russia was joining EU stress tests, Lokshin reminded that "we have already conducted stress tests while the European Union was agreeing on stress test methodologies, and we have already submitted the results to Rostechnadzor."
Source: RIA Novosti