The Polish state-owned utility PGE jointly with the grid operator PSE Operator are negotiating with the Russian Inter RAO UES on potential construction of an ETL from Kaliningrad to Poland.
The newspaper Rzeczpospolita claims the line will be intended for export of Baltic NPP electricity to Poland.
A preliminary stage of the negotiations already completed. Poles are waiting for a Russian assessment of what amount of generated electricity they will be able to offer for sale. This assessment should be available by mid-2011. Poles hope to cover up to 8% of the country's electricity needs by Baltic NPP generation.
Tomasz Zadroga, President of the Management Board of PGE, told to the Polish newspaper that his company was not intend to participate in the Russian nuclear program, but only wanted to buy kilowatt-hours from Russia.
"Our negotiations with the Russian partner concern a trade deal. We are looking for cheap energy sources," Zadroga said. He reminded that Poland would face an electricity deficit in four to five years.
On his part, Henryk Majchrzak, President of the Board of PSE Operator, believes the ETL can be build only if it comes profitable. He added that construction of the ETL to Kaliningrad Region would take about four years.
Early February reports said Inter RAO UES would supply electricity from Baltic NPP for 20 years and intends shortly to enter long-term export contracts.  
Source: AtomInfo.Ru