The Standards Council of Canada decided to grant the Far East shipyard Zvezda a certificate of conformance to international environmental standard ISO 14001 covering processes used to dispose of nuclear submarine under the Global Partnership program, the shipyard reported on November 22. In the course of audit conducted in October, representatives of the Canadian organization interviewed seventeen employees of the shipyard and inspected nine production divisions involved in different stages of nuclear submarine disposal.

In particular, the inspection objects included radwaste treatment facility Landysh, coastal unloading complex, cable reprocessing section Kansk, pad of the Harris guillotine cutter, and shipyard central laboratory. The audit conclusion statement says no deviations from ISO 14001 were found during the audit. According to SCC official Paul Shenar, this rarely happens during the first certification audit and is a reflection of committed work of all employees.

The Far East shipyard Zvezda is a leading facility for overhauls of nuclear submarines pertaining to the Navy's pacific Fleet and the only facility in Far East which is a specialist in repairs, upgrades and disposal of nuclear submarines. The facility has repaired nuclear submarines since 1962. Already at that time specialized process sections and divisions were set up at Zvezda. In the hard 1990's when the governmental defense order was not placed with the shipyard, the facility was managed to keep up only through continuous search of orders from third parties.

Besides, the agreement signed by the Defense Industry Committee of Russia and the U.S. Department of Defense concerning the cooperation in reduction of strategic offensive arms in 1993 played an important part. The Zvezda shipyard was awarded a contract for disposal of strategic nuclear submarines retired from the Russian Navy. Under the signed contracts the USA supplied equipment to the shipyard and financed repairs of existing and building of new facilities. By date, a state-of-the-art universal nuclear submarine disposal complex has been set up at Zvezda. More than 40 nuclear submarines have been disposed of there since the complex commissioning.

Source: Nuclear.Ru