Jointly with a number of Russian companies and institutions, ROSATOM is currently working at the solutions to supply power for the activities aimed at the development of the Arctic. Mr. Vyacheslav Pershukov, ROSATOM Deputy Director General, has briefed the journalists accordingly on Monday.

"There are some very interesting solutions. In particular, a working group has been established with Spetsstroy, and we are involving customers: Rosneft and Gazprom," said V. Pershukov. He added that the work is being done jointly with the United Shipbuilding Corporation.

According to ROSATOM Deputy Head, the subject being discussed is how to provide for the supply of energy for the activities aimed at the development of the Arctic.

Over the recent years, Russia has started an active commercial development of its Northern territories including the mining of hydrocarbons. As the Russian Federation Ministry for Emergency Situations has informed, the total value of the mineral deposits concentrated in the Arctic region of Russia exceeds 30 trillion US dollars. The focus of the oil and gas extraction in Russia will be gradually moving to the Arctic seabed, as the Ministry's specialists consider.

Source: Novosti RIA