ROSATOM launches a program of small and medium nuclear power generation development in Russia. The corresponding decision of principle was made at the level of top management of the state corporation, Deputy CEO of ROSATOM Vyacheslav Pershukov says.

There is a need in small and medium-size power reactors in the regions which have poor grid infrastructure, remote regions where fuel supplies from outside are complicated. Earlier, CEO of ROSATOM Sergey Kirienko stated that the state corporation intends to accelerate the work to design small and medium-size reactors, which would better meet electricity needs of third countries as well, and this will allow Russia settling in the nuclear build markets of these states.

On Tuesday, addressing the international conference “Innovative Designs and Technologies of Nuclear Power”, Pershukov said that past week ROSATOM’s top management had discussed the issue of small and medium nuclear power development in the Russian Federation. “The decision of principle was made: we start this activity,” Pershukov noted.

This area will be “a serious step” of Russia’s nuclear power; there is “certain future for both markets and technologies.”

Now, the issue under consideration is what medium-size reactor is the first to be built in Russia. Earlier reports said it would be a power unit with a VVER-600 reactor designed by OKB Gidropress or a power unit with a VBER-600 reactor by OKBM Afrikantov. The first medium-size reactor can be put on line before 2025 at the future Kola NPP Phase II.
Source: RIA Novosti