TVEL reports it is supplying Paks with a second-generation fuel that will allow it to extend its operational cycles.
The first fuel load is 12 assemblies.
Paks received regulatory approval to load the 4.7% enriched fuel earlier in the month for unit 3.
In 2015, the other three 500 MWe-capacity V-213 Russian-designed reactors on the site will also move from the existing 4.2% enriched fuel and 15-month fuel cycle.
TVEL said that its fuel supply contract for the site, agreed in 1999, is for the remaining life of the units, which is 2037 including life extension. The contract was worth EUR 83 million in 2013, it said.
TVEL also said its second-generation fuel has also been used in Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Finland.


Source: Nuclear Engineering International