Fennovoima Ltd continues the bedrock studies at Hanhikivi headland in August. The objective of the studies that will now commence is to obtain preliminary information on the bedrock quality of the alternative locations for the reactor waste repository required for the final disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste.

Consulting Engineers Saanio&Riekkola Oy will commission the studies and reports the results of the studies to Fennovoima. The actual work will be carried out by Geobotnia Oy, The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) and Geo-Work Oy. These companies have been involved in the previous studies at the plant site.

As in the current operating nuclear power plants in Finland, Fennovoima will also construct a repository for low and intermediate level waste in the bedrock of the plant area, at the depth of approximately 100 meters. Most of the waste that will be deposited in the repository mainly consists of protective clothing, plastic, paper, insulation material, small metal objects, ventilation filters, electric cables, and cleaning utensils. The repository must be taken into operation no earlier than 10 years after startup of the power plant.

Source: Press Service of Fennovoima