By 2020, ROSATOM will strengthen its leadership in the global market of uranium enrichment for nuclear power, say materials of the World Nuclear Association (WNA) made public Thursday at the annual WNA Symposium.
Uranium enrichment is one of the main stages of the nuclear fuel cycle front end. The products offered in the market are enriched uranium product and uranium enrichment services. ROSATOM is represented in the global market by its companies JSC TVEL and TENEX.
As per the WNA’s materials, in 2014 the world uranium enrichment market was about 54,500 tons of separative work (tSW, a conditional value describing uranium enrichment expenditures). ROSATOM is accounted for about 26,200 tSW. The nearest rival of ROSATOM, the European consortium URENCO, produced enriched uranium of 18,100 tSW in 2014.
In 2020, as projected, ROSATOM will be accounted for nearly 28,700 tSW, with a greater gap between it and URENCO: the consortium’s volume of enrichment services is expected to be at the level of 19,600 tSW. The 2020 projection of the global uranium enrichment market is 63,500 tSW.
Source: RIA Novovsti