Rosenergoatom officially announced results of the contest for the best nuclear power plant in Russia by performance indicators in 2013. The winner is Rostov NPP. This is the second victory of the plant over the recent three years. To remind, it was recognized the best plant in 2011.

Annually, performance of nuclear power plants is evaluated against a number of indicators. The key indicators are efficient electricity production, safety and reliability. So for the second time over three years Rostov NPP managed to be the best in these indicators.

In 2013, electricity output exceeded the target by 7.2%. The capacity factor was nearly 98% with the target of about 91%. This is a nuclear industry-wide record. All these achievements are the merit of the plant's team. Of each department. Of each employee. Last year was marked for the plant by multiple inspections, including independent ones. The peer review of the World Association of Nuclear Operators noted perfect operational factors and identified nine best practices recommended for implementation at Russian and foreign nuclear power plants. In assessments of the plant performance the special focus was on activities at the construction sites of new reactors of Rostov NPP. The work done in 2013 allowed ROSATOM management to move Rostov-3 commissioning to an earlier date; now it is set for December this year.

Rostov NPP started 2014 and operates at the same high performance level. In the first quarter, the electricity target was exceeded monthly. Besides, Units 1 and 2 underwent scheduled preventive outages, which took less time than prescribed by procedures. This economized 11 days. In other words, Rostov NPP has a backlog to repeat its successes of 2011 and 2013.

Source: Novosti Volgodonska