On the Rostov NPP on the being constructed power unit number 3 were delivered the first 48 simulators TVS (total reactor system set FA 163).

When carrying out of the process step «running hot» (which is scheduled for August 2014) simulators fuel assemblies (FAs) will be loaded into the reactor, where the temperature conditions, identical to such emerging in the actual operation of the nuclear reactor, will be created. This would relieve the different characteristics of the equipment: heat, heat loss, water flow, etc., to prove safety of the reactor and its compliance with the requirements of the project.

In the nearest future specialists of the «Atomtechenergo», installers JSC «Sesame» will give in commissioning car refueling. With this mechanism (after a successful operation of strait on the open reactor) specialists commissioning in the second quarter of this year will start the final assembly of the reactor facility. All reactor internals (weighing 150 tons) are already on the site. This are in-situ mine unit enclosure and protective tubes. And then use the fueling machine and the load will be made by the imitators FA for further testing of the reactor facility.

The power unit number 3 of the Rostov NPP is scheduled for 2014.

Source: Department of Information and PR of the Rosenergoatom Concern