Unit 4 of Rostov NPP (Volgodonsk, a branch of Rosenergoatom, part of ROSATOM’s Power Division) has started dynamic tests at 75% of rated power as part of the “Pilot Commercial Operation” (PCO).
“The physical tests of the reactor plant at 75% power are completed. On March 30 the dynamic tests at 75% power started as part of PCO. At the present time, tests in partial load change at 200 MW and 300 MW, impulse unloading at 300 MW, tests where one of four reactor coolant pump is switch off, than one RCP of three is switch off were carried out. The goal of works under these programs is to confirm that equipment, systems and automation function as designed in transients,” Svyatoslav Chukavin, Deputy Chief Engineer for Operations of Rostov NPP Phase II, noted.
During the tests, the following was carried out: the reactor plant power offload and limitation system performance was checked along with the in-core monitoring system and automated process control system, factual equipment performance data and unit parameter change information were obtained.
For information:
The PCO program, according to the work schedule, provides for gradual raising of the unit power up to the rated level of 100%. Since March 10 Unit 4 has been operated at 75% of its thermal power and 735 MW of electric power.
Unit 4 commissioning in the commercial operation is planned for 2018.


Source: The Information and Public Relations Department of Rostov NPP