Rusatom – International Network (RIN Private Institution) and Saint-Petersburg State University (SPSU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the sidelines of ATOMEXPO 2017 International Forum on 19 June 2017. The signatories are A.A. Merten, President of RIN Private Institution, and N.M. Kropachev, SPSU Rector.

Rusatom – International Network, being an organization of Rosatom State Corporation, and Saint-Petersburg State University have agreed to cooperate to foster public acceptance of nuclear energy abroad, to bring home to target audience information on advantages of Russian nuclear technologies, to assist in promoting products and services of organizations and institutions of Russian nuclear power complex, to present internationally Russian education and academia.

So as to foster public acceptance of nuclear energy and awareness of the advantages of Russian nuclear agencies products and services, the MOU implies cooperation in carrying out educational, humanitarian, cultural and environmental projects and events, and hosting international conferences in Russia and abroad.

With a view to promote Russian developments in nuclear and other energy internationally, as well as Russian education in general and Saint-Petersburg State University in particular, the MOU is to attract (on the initiative and with the organizational support of RIN) representatives of SPSU academia to give lectures at international colleges, to take part in drafting educational materials in nuclear technologies for secondary and higher educational institutions abroad, to sit in the jury panels in national and international competitions and Olympiads organized in cross-border secondary and higher educational institutions with awards from Rosatom State Corporation.

The MOU also stipulates assistance rendered by the Rosatom State Corporation Regional Centers that are under the management of RIN to inform the international target audiences on the activities of Saint-Petersburg State University to attract international students to study at SPSU.
Source: Press Service of Rusatom – International Network