ROSATOM's Public Council involves civic organisations in the policy making process for nuclear power utilisation, environmental protection, nuclear and radiation safety. The Council works to:

  • raise public awareness of ROSATOM's core operations

  • involve civic organisations in nuclear policy making

  • encourage a dialogue on nuclear-related issues between academia, industry experts, public officials, environmental groups and prominent figures

  • improve communication with stakeholders

The Council includes scientists, members of civic and environmental organisations, and representatives from ROSATOM, all of whom participate on a voluntary basis.


Members of the Public Council

Alexey Likhachev
Chief Executive Officer of ROSATOM
Chairman of the Public Council

Alexander Lokshin
First Deputy CEO of ROSATOM
Deputy Chairman of the Public Council

Sergey Baranovsky
President of the Russian Green Cross
Сhairman of the Russian Ecological Congress
Member of the Advisory Council of the Government of the Russian Federation
Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences
PhD, Professor
Deputy Chairman of the Public Council

Rafael Arutyunyan
First Deputy Director of the Institute for Safe Development of Nuclear Energy of Russian Academy of Sciences
Member of the Expert Council of the Government of the Russian Federation

Igor Chestin
Director of WWF Russia, First Deputy Chair of the Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation

Natalia Davydova
Director of "Environmental Projects Consulting Institute" (Autonomous non-profit organizations)

Lyubov Glebova
First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on the Rules of Procedure and Parliamentary Governance

Mark Glinsky
First Deputy CEO of the Gidrospetsgeologia Geological Survey

Vladimir Grachev
Advisor to the ROSATOM CEO
Chairman of the Public Council with the Federal Nuclear, Industrial, and Environmental Regulatory Authority of Russia (Rostekhnadzor)

Viktor Ivanov
Deputy Director of the Russian Academy of Medicine Research Centre for Medical Radiology
Chairman of the Russian Federation Commission on Radiation Protection
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
PhD (Applied Science), Professor

Vladimir Kuchinov
Member of the Central Board of the Nuclear Society of Russia (in concurrence)

Valery Menschikov
Member of the Council with the Russian Environmental Policy Centre

Oleg Muratov
Executive Secretary of North-West Section of Russian Nuclear Society
Member of the Academy of Ecology, Safety of Human and Nature

Alexander Nikitin
Chairman of the Board of Bellona Ecological Foundation

Vladimir Ognev
Chairman of the Interregional Public Movement of Nuclear Industry and Power Veterans (in concurrence)

Anton Ponizov
Head of the Division for Fuel Cycle Facilities Safety of Rostechnadzor (SEC NRS)

Andrey Polosin
Head of Local Communities Relations Unit (Secretary of the Public Council)

Aleksandr Samoilov
General Director of A. I. Burnazyan FMBC of Russia, M.D. (in concurrence)

Igor Shpektor
President of the Union of Cities of the Subarctic and Russia’s High North, Chair of the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on Community Services, Building and Roads

Yuriy Tebin
Chairman of the Nuclear Cities’ Socioeconomic Development Fund (in concurrence)

Albert Vasiliev
Chief Scientific Officer at the Dollezhal Research and Design Institute for Power Engineering
PhD (Physics and Mathematics)

Valeriy Vassilyev
Мember of the Citizens’ Assembly of Krasnodarsk Area, Public Council of the Russian Federation

Andrey Vazhenin
Chief Doctor of Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Oncologic Treatment Center
Сorresponding member of Russian Academy of Medical Science
Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation
Мember of the Public Council of Chelyabinsk Region

Yan Vlasov
Chairman of the Public Council for Protection of Patients’ Rights at Roszdravandzor
Co-chairman of All-Russia Union of Patients’ Public Organizations
PhD (Medicine), Professor

Sergey Zhavoronkin
Secretary of the Public Council for Nuclear Safety in Murmansk Region

Elena Yakovleva
Head of the web-portal Russian Nuclear Community
President of the Women of Nuclear Industry Fund (in concurrence)

Sergey Yudintsev
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Head of the Laboratory of Radiogeology and Radiogeoecology, Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences
PhD (Geology and Mineralogical Sciences)

Note: the composition of the Public Council is given for 2019.

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