The Industrial Partnership Agreement was signed during the XXIII International Exhibition of Machines and Equipment for Mining, Processing and Transportation of Minerals MiningWorld Russia, held at the Moscow Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center. The document was signed by Director General of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. Vladimir Verkhovtsev and President of ARAMINE Marc Melkonian. «The decision to implement the joint project is based on the vast experience of cooperation,» noted Vladimir Verkhovtsev. «Production of ARAMINE battery-powered load-haul-dump machines in Krasnokamensk will improve the working conditions of the miners, increase safety, and, of course, increase the volume of ore mining».

As a symbolic gift, Vladimir Verkhovtsev presented a figurine of a miner to Marc Melkonian. «Out next gift should be a composition that will show the miner in the cabin of the new LHD,» smiled Director General of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co.
Currently, ARAMINE L140B load-haul-dump machine is undergoing pilot tests at the Mine No. 1 of PIMCU, PJSC. The equipment is operated by the crew of the underground Mine No. 1 under the supervision of Evgeny Goryunov. According to Vladimir Verkhovtsev, miners speak highly of the machines made by ARAMINE.
A sample of ARAMINE L140B narrow-web load-haul-dump machine presented at the exhibition aroused great interest of the representatives of mining enterprises.
According to Marc Melkonian, the machines that will be produced at the Repair and Mechanical Plant of PIMCU, PJSC are supposed to be sold on the foreign market under the ARGO trademark. The equipment will be assembled under the ARAMINE supervision. The First Ore Mining Company, JSC, which is also a subsidiary of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co., will be the project operator.
«It is a viable project. We implement it in partnership with one of the leading manufacturers of mining machinery. We have agreed on the localization of battery-powered loaders of French design at our facilities under the jointly developed brand ARGO. I would like to note that this is not a „knock-down kit assembly“. The suppliers of materials and components for the machine are Russian and foreign companies. In particular, the loader chassis is supposed to be produced at our plant in Krasnokamensk. In the short term, the production of some internal elements, for example, lithium-ion batteries, is planned to be located at the enterprises of the Fuel Division of ROSATOM. In general, the project is designed to supply the enterprises of the raw material complex of the Mining Division of ROSATOM, with further access to the CIS market and fulfillment of third-party orders,» said Igor Semenov, project manager, Executive Director of The First Ore Mining Company, JSC.
As part of the organization of production, ARAMINE began training of the personnel of the Repair and Mechanical Plant of PIMCU, PJSC in France. The assembly of localized machinery is scheduled to begin later this year. It is planned to produce 10 machines in 2020. As noted by Alexander Glotov, Director General of PIMCU, PJSC, the association is fully ready to ensure the production of French LHDs. «From our part, we will ensure reliability and quality in the best traditions of PIMCU», he said.
The joint Russian-French project is being implemented in order to fulfill the instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation aimed at the implementation of national projects approved by the May Presidential Decree.
Source: Press Service of Atomredmetzoloto Uranium Holding