The experts of the Moscow Centre of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO MC) completed the review of Unit 1 of Leningrad NPP with VVER-1200 reactor.

During the week the representatives of the independent international organization monitored the activity of the shifts that worked out different scenarios of the operation at the full scale simulator, carried out the analysis of the documents and interviewed the operating personnel of the nuclear power plant.

The main objective of this visit – the fifth one in two years – was to control how the improvements of technological and production processes are implemented at the new NPP. In December 2017 the WANO already conducted the pre-commissioning Peer Review of the new power unit of LNPP that was at the stage of the physical start-up. Upon the results of the work the Plant’s management was offered the areas for improvement. After this a small team of experts came to the site in February in order to check how the improvements were implemented.

As experts noted during this visit the personnel of Leningrad NPP has the required level of the competences and also applies them correctly realizing the responsibility over the safe operation of the power unit. “We’ve seen the serious changes in the directions that were defined during the pre-commissioning Peer Review half a year ago. This refers to both good condition of the equipment and facilities of the NPP and compliance with safety requirements”, Jean-Marie Baggio, the head of the experts’ team of the WANO (France), noted.

He also expressed the confidence that the work that was carried out within the technical support missions of the power units under construction, as well as the pre-commissioning review of the power unit will further the improvement of the operational activity of the power unit.

Source: Information and PR Department of Leningrad NPP