At the Petersburg International Economic Forum Acting Governor of Murmansk Region Andrey Chibis and Director General of Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions LLC (part of ROSATOM) Ksenia Sukhotina signed an agreement on implementation of joint initiatives regarding introduction of the “Smart City” digital solutions. Deputy Director General and Director for Development and International Business of ROSATOM Kirill Komarov witnessed the signing ceremony.
Andrey Chibis said: “The concept of the “Smart City” allows building intelligent and effective management of city resources and infrastructure, make them friendly, technological and kindly for people, involve citizens in managing territories using feedback. In the territory of the region we already have the first city which has started using “smart” solutions. It is Polyarnye Zory. In the city the web-portal “Smart Polyarnye Zory” operates and townsfolk send information about problems which arise with municipal services. More than 50 messages have been received over two months and corresponding measures were taken on 25 cases already. It is only one element of the concept. The signed agreement will allow us broadly introducing the principles of the “Smart City” with experience and technologies of ROSATOM.”
In the framework of the agreement it is planned to analyze regional needs in implementation of municipal services digitalization projects and determine promising areas for introducing “Smart City” projects based on ROSATOM’s technology “Lean Smart City” in Murmansk Region. Potential digitalization elements under consideration include building a uniform information platform which will provide for intellectual management of infrastructure and municipal property of cities in Murmansk Region; development and introduction of digital services of cooperation with the public to engage citizen in solving municipal management issues; development of intellectual transport infrastructure elements; introduction of digital technologies of housing and utilities infrastructure management; and application of digital technologies in ensuring comprehensive security of public living.
“Our cooperation with the Murmansk Region government is aimed at creating the comfortable digital environment and, as consequence, improving the quality of life of the people in the region. This agreement is the next practical step in the implementation of the “Lean Smart City”. We are happy that ROSATOM builds up the unique competence in the field of digitalization of municipal management which is in demand in Russia’s regions,” Director General of Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions LLC Ksenia Sukhotina noted.


Source: The Press Service of Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions LLC