The event discussed the opportunities of youth cooperation on the eve of the international UN Climate Change Conference COP29.
ROSATOM became a partner of the IV Forum of Youth Initiatives of Russia and Azerbaijan, which was held on May 29-30 in Stavropol.
Within the framework of the forum, ROSATOM organized the Clean Energy track for representatives of the youth communities of the two countries. As part of it, Polina Lion, Director of Sustainable Development Department of ROSATOM, held an interactive lecture “Clean Energy for a Clean Planet”. The participants were able to imagine themselves in the place of customers and suppliers of different types of energy during the business game “Choosing an Effective Generation Source”.
Representatives of Russia and Azerbaijan came to the conclusion that efforts to combat climate change should be made not only by international organizations and national governments, but also by companies and every person. The discussion resulted in the initiative to prepare a “Green Hearts Declaration”. Everyone who joins the Declaration will be able to supplement the text with their personal promise to save the fragile ecosystems of our planet.
On the second day of the Forum, the participants of the Clean Energy track visited the Medvezhenskaya WPP (an enterprise of the ROSATOM wind energy division), where they saw with their own eyes the work of ROSATOM's wind turbines and learned about the professional skills necessary to work at a wind plant.
Also, within the framework of the event, the implementation of the “Russian Program of Youth Envoys of Clean Energy” was launched, which ROSATOM is launching to support the international youth dialogue on the development of “green” energy, including clean atomic energy. The selection of participants will last until July 1, 2024, after which 10 envoys will be trained to participate in discussions at the COP29 and other Russian and international platforms dedicated to the climate agenda and energy transition.
Polina Lion commented: “ROSATOM regularly participates in discussions on environmental and climate issues, and we see how interest in green energy and clean atomic energy is growing every year. Dialogue with youth is especially important, since the guys are sincerely interested in “green” topics, this is their future. We hope that the dialogue started in Stavropol will continue at the COP29, and the initiatives announced by Rosatom will be developed”.
For information:
The UN Climate Change Conference COP29 is the largest international forum focusing on the issues of the climate agenda. The Conference is also the highest negotiating body for the implementation of the provisions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Kyoto Protocol (KP) and the Paris Agreement (PA). The Conference COP29 will be held in Baku on November 11-22, 2024.
The “Russian Program of Youth Envoys of Clean Energy” is an initiative, designed to establish systematic work to prepare young people for meaningful participation in the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to promote Russian approaches to the development of clean energy sources to address climate challenges. It was started in 2024. As part of the Program, 10 selected envoys will be trained by top ROSATOM experts and Russian climate negotiators to contribute to promoting the potential of clean energy sources and atomic technologies at the UN Climate Conference COP29 in Baku. Program participants will undergo six trainings with the participation of experts from Rosatom, the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Roshydromet (Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring), the UN and other organizations. The envoys will take part in meetings of youth and thematic events of the Conference in Baku, where they will present the key benefits of developing clean energy to combat climate change.
ROSATOM has been performing it activities subject to sustainable development agenda for many years. Principles of sustainable development are included in long-term strategy of ROSATOM. In 2020, the Unified Industry Sustainable Development Policy was approved. In October of the same year, ROSATOM joined the UN Global Compact, the largest international initiative for business in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.