Reactor hall equipment weighing 500 tons shipped to the Tianwan and Xudapu nuclear power plants.
Izhora Plants (part of Rosatom’s Mechanical Engineering Division) have shipped five units of equipment manufactured for two NPPs of Russian design currently under construction in China. The large cargo with a total weight of about 500 tons is to be delivered by rail, road and sea transport.
The Tianwan NPP will receive a pressurizer for its unit 8 while four hydraulic accumulators for the emergency core cooling system of unit 3 are being delivered to the Xudapu NPP. Along with that, ZIO-Podolsk JSC (a company of Rosatom’s Mechanical Engineering Division in a Moscow satellite town) shipped a bubbler for unit 4 of the Xudapu NPP.
The shipped equipment was properly tested at each technological stage to verify its conformity to the strict quality requirements for the products to be supplied to nuclear energy facilities. Chinese specialists participated in the test procedures at the sites.
A pressurizer is an important component of an NPP reactor hall equipment. It ensures the required pressure in the reactor primary circuit. The length of a pressurizer assembly is about 14 meters, its diameter being 3.3 meters and its weight being 186 tons.