It featured with a special presentation on its latest developments on small-modular reactors (SMRs).
ROSATOM, a global leader in nuclear technologies, held a presentation of small land-based and floating nuclear power plants (FNPP) during Africa Nuclear Business Platform 2024 that took place from 28th to 31st of May in Accra.
As Ghana aims to establish its first nuclear power plant by the early 2030s, the nation finds itself in the second phase of the International Atomic Energy Agency milestone approach. It is marked by the establishment of crucial organisations vital to the smooth coordination of the country’s nuclear power program.
Following a decisive policy direction to diversify their energy sources with nuclear, the country’s authorities took a significant step forward by issuing a Request for Information (RFI) in 2021. This RFI was crafted to elicit both technical expertise and financial insights from potential vendors and strategic partners. Both would play a pivotal role in Ghana’s nuclear ambitions’ realisation. The RFI reached out to six vendors, seeking comprehensive details regarding the technological solutions proposed. Fifteen vendor companies from six countries showed their interest in the Ghana’s Nuclear Power Programme. Thus, the event brought together all the vendors and served as a vital platform for fostering collaboration and innovation within Africa’s burgeoning nuclear energy sector.
ROSATOM, one of the participating vendors and a global leader in nuclear technologies, featured with a special presentation on its latest developments on small-modular reactors (SMRs), a cutting-edge solution for sustainable and efficient energy production. “ROSATOM stands at the forefront of small modular reactor (SMR) technology. We offer innovative solutions, such as the world’s only Floating Power Unit, which together with land-based SMRs, presents a cost-effective, easily scalable and quickly deployable option to address Africa’s increasing energy needs, all while supporting the region’s transition to clean and sustainable energy resources. This achievement not only proves our leadership in the nuclear energy sector but also underscores our commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions worldwide,” Ilya Sesyutchenkov, ROSATOM representative, mentioned in his presentation.