The booth of the State Corporation at the Forum shows how technologies serve for development of the humankind.
ROSATOM takes part in the XVII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2024) which has opened today. ROSATOM acts as the titular partner of the Forum.
The booth of the State Corporation at the event shows how technologies serve for development of the humankind. Multi-media display items disclose the present and the future of the technological landscape as it is envisaged in ROSATOM. The digital mock-up of the Future City where all technological elements, from NPPs of the IV generation and nuclear medicine centers to electric propulsion and smart city ecosystems, have found their use, is in the center of the exhibition.
News from the second half of the XXI century are broadcast on the booth walls: ROSATOM's quantum computers transmit information at the speed of light; radioisotopes have conquered the majority of oncological diseases; floating small nuclear power plants enable to provide affordable energy without any CO2 emissions for the most remote and the most heavily-populated regions of the planet.
"It was important for us to demonstrate through specific examples that nuclear and non-nuclear technologies already applied by ROSATOM were forming the arrangement of cities and served for the benefit of the present and future generations", - Andrey Timonov, Head of the Communications Department of ROSATOM, said.
The exhibition of FESCO the controlling interest of which had been transferred to ROSATOM last year was located near the booth of ROSATOM. The materials in this section of the exhibition tell about the logistical capabilities of the Far-Eastern Shipping Company and the synergy obtained due to inclusion of this company into the contour of ROSATOM. A virtual guide around the FESCO world - a sea captain - answers any questions about maritime navigation.
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St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is one of the most significant events in the CIS economic space. The topic of SPIEF-2024: "Formation of New Growth Centers as the Basis for Multipolarity". The participants of the Forum will discuss the prospects for development of healthcare and pharmaceutics, the modern labor market, new technologies, development of the Arctic Region and the Northern Sea Route, and many other things. More than a thousand of moderators and speakers took part in SPIEF-2023.