The first IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology “Addressing Current and Emerging Development Challenges” was held November 28-30, 2018 in Vienna (Austria).
The event was visited by about 1,100 delegates from 137 states and 15 international organizations. At the conference opening the key speakers were IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano, UNIDO Director General Li Yong and Deputy Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), María Elena Semedo.
The conference dwelled upon a broad range of topics on the role of “peaceful atom” in reaching of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as opportunities of the use of nuclear science and technology for improvement of quality of living and climate change problems.
The declaration adopted following the results of the conference confirmed the high importance and potential of the use of nuclear science and technology to meet a number of main sociological and economic needs of human development. The IAEA’s key role was noted as to increase and strengthen contribution of atomic energy in maintaining the peace, health and well-being of Member States through facilitating their free access to possibilities of the peaceful use of atomic energy, transfer of nuclear technologies, development of research, application and use by Member States of atomic energy in peaceful purposes and facilitation of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in this sphere.
ROSATOM representatives took active part in the conference.
In particular, Vyacheslav Pershukov, a special representative of ROSATOM for international, science and technology projects, at the ministerial session spoke about the Russian vision of integration of nuclear science and technology in the national strategy strived to sustainable development. He stressed that nuclear and radiation technologies would significantly contribute to solving current challenges to humanity.
Marina Belyaeva, Deputy Director of International Activities and Director of International Cooperation Department of ROSATOM, at the panel discussion “Solution to Climate Change Problem” spoke about the role of nuclear power in improving quality of living and solving problems of sustainable development and climate change.
Besides, the topic of integration of nuclear technology and science in national strategies of development of economy, industry and education was discussed at the round table session organized by JSC Rusatom Overseas on the first day of the conference. Its participants were shown innovative solutions of Nuclear Science and Technology Centers (NSTC) which allow to bring science, health care, agriculture and environmental development to a new level.
Main achievements of domestic nuclear sector as regards nuclear science and applications were demonstrated at the Russian exhibition booth in the Vienna International Center.


Source: The Communications Department of ROSATOM