ROSATOM topped the Rating of the Best Employers of Russia of the country’s largest platform HeadHunter by results of 2020. The rating is compiled for the tenth time. The numbers of rating participants exceed 500.
ROSATOM took the first place among the largest employers of the country who employ more than 5,000 people. The second place in this category was given to Sberbank and the third place was given to the third leader - Mars.
ROSATOM set the all-time record of points gained among companies participated in the Best Employers of the Skilled Staff Platform of HeadHunter over 10 years, 142 points, outran largest employers of the first three rating leaders by more than 22 points. Besides, ROSATOM was the only employer who won the first place among companies which employ more than 5,000 persons in all three sub-ratings: “The Most Loyal Employees”, ”The Most Attractive with Employees” and “The Most Developed HR Processes”. ROSATOM is the leader in HR processes for six years.
Aleksei Likhachev, Director General of ROSATOM, said: “For us 2020 is a special year. The nuclear industry celebrated the 75th anniversary. We all understand that devoted people who are enthusiastic and eager for new discoveries stand behind any breakthrough technology or science be it a nuclear power plant, nuclear medicine or nuclear icebreaker. Most gifted scientists, engineers and designers of this country have been attracted by most ambitious tasks of the nuclear industry throughout the history. And I am proud that ROSATOM, which now employs five different generations, has been considered the best employer of the country in its anniversary year!”
Tatiana Terentieva, Deputy Director General of ROSATOM for HR noted: “For recent decade ROSATOM has changed greatly. The result we got in 2020 is the consequence of large-scale transformations. We timely have developed the common online platform where we have built up career processes and launched digital services which are friendly for employees even before the pandemic. During the corona-crisis we have been in the open dialogue with both our employees and residents of nuclear cities, ensured safety at nonstop productions, monitored conditions of our people providing assistance in field and specially developed psychological aid line, launched online programs for different categories of employees and residents of the cities from children to representatives of the “silver age”. I am glad that this was highly appreciated.”
Nina Osovitskaya, Director of Brand-Center and founder and mastermind of the Rating of the Best Employers of Russia, commented: “ROSATOM has taken part in the HeadHunter rating since 2012. Over the time of this participation it has changed greatly and it was directly reflected in the evaluation of attractiveness of employer’s brand. In the background of the current economic situation ROSATOM is positively shown up in the market: new jobs are created, number of international projects grows, and career opportunities for employees are present. Now, there is a new wave of interest to companies with state participation and ROSATOM here has the unchallenged reputation. Over 8 years, the state-owned corporation has raised more than 30 positions from 32nd place and heads the best employers’ rating of the country for the second time. Also, ROSATOM is the sound leader in the most developed HR processes in the country that points out to respect with the professional community.”
About rating
The Rating of the Best Employers of Russia is the large-scale and reputable rating of the country, which methodology considers the best international practices. The rating is organized by the largest Russian career platform HeadHunter. The rating has been carried out since 2010.
The rating is compiled basing on the three-sided analysis of employer-companies. Readiness of employees to recommend their company as the employer (40% of the total evaluation); wish of candidates interrogated by to work in the company (40% of the total evaluation); information from HR specialists of the company on the basis of which its HR function is evaluated (20% of the total evaluation).

Source: Communications Department of ROSATOM