On September 20, the new edition of the TENEX Group Supplier Code of Conduct was approved. The upd ated document incorporates the most relevant international requirements and approaches in the field of sustainable development.
Today, a company’s systematic approach to sustainable development constitutes one of the key factors of its competitiveness in the world market. The global sustainability agenda is evolving dynamically, creating new challenges and opportunities for business.
In 2019 TENEX first developed its Supplier Code of Conduct – a se t of basic sustainable development principles which the company applies in its activities and conveys to the supply chain. The TENEX Group in practice implements a responsible approach to the management of its economic, social and ecological impacts, while the established system of sustainability monitoring of the supply chain ensures compliance of suppliers with international standards.
Having analyzed its experience, TENEX developed an updated edition of the Supplier Code of Conduct and in August 2021 conducted public consultations with stakeholders, including foreign customers. TENEX partners noted the comprehensiveness of the document, as well as its compliance with key international requirements. The updated edition of the document takes into account stakeholders’ suggestions, namely, it comprises supplemented provisions concerning the systematic approach to sustainable development and stakeholder engagement. An emphasis is placed on respect for human rights and interaction with local communities, as well as preservation of the biological diversity of the territories of operation and carbon footprint reduction.
The system of sustainability monitoring of the supply chain is one of the elements of the integrated work of ROSATOM to introduce sustainable development to the Russian nuclear industry. The facilitation of the implementation of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals is fixed in the Corporation’s strategy as one of the essential conditions for its work. In 2020 ROSATOM joined the UN Global Compact network, which brings together sustainable business around the world.

Source: Press Service of TENEX