TVEL JSC and State enterprise Belorussian NPP (Republic of Belarus) have signed a contract for supply of nuclear fuel. The Russian-made fuel assemblies will be supplied to Belarus for two nuclear power units which are currently under construction in Ostrovets district, Grodno region, with participation of ROSATOM enterprises and specialists. 
The 1200 MW power units of Belorussian NPP with VVER-1200 reactors are designed as AES-2006 series, a standard project of 3+ generation nuclear power units with advanced safety, technical and economic performance.  
“As a contribution to ROSATOM integrated offer, TVEL Fuel Company of ROSATOM is committed to supply nuclear fuel to Russian-built NPPs abroad for the whole operating lifetime on favorable commercial terms. In close cooperation with our customers, we provide continuous system-based work on optimization of fuel assemblies construction, improving their technical and economic features”, stressed Natalia Nikipelova, President of TVEL JSC.
For reference:
TVEL Fuel Company of ROSATOM was established on September 12, 1996 in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. It makes an integral part of Rosatom State Corporation. It  includes enterprises for nuclear fuel fabrication, uranium conversion and enrichment, gas centrifuges production, as well as research and design institutions. It supplies nuclear fuel for 78 power reactors in 15 countries, research reactors in nine countries, as well as for transport reactors of the Russian nuclear navy. Every sixth nuclear power reactor in the world is runnig on fuel produced by TVEL.

Source: Press Service of TVEL Fuel Company of ROSATOM