Flushing of active and passive safety systems with the unsealed reactor has stated at Unit 1 of Belarus NPP (General Construction Contractor is the Engineering Division of ROSATOM, Group of Companies ASE). This is one of the most important process operations which starts the phase of testing and proofing of primary systems and equipment of the reactor unit.
“The flushing of systems and equipment with chemically desalted water is used for checking passing-through capacity and flushing of pipelines connecting primary equipment,” Maksim Bogachko, Head of Director for Heat Installation of Group of Companies ASE. “In essence, we have started preparing to the phase of pressure tests and circulation flushing of the primary circuit of the reactor,” he said.
The flushing procedure is carried out in accordance with the approved schedule. The operation employs 26 process systems.

Source: The Communications Department of Group of Companies ASE