The premiere of a new documentary “Wild Edens: Turkey”, the second in a series that highlights the issue of climate change, took place in Ankara, Turkey. Focusing on the flora and fauna in the one-of-a-kind natural habitats of Turkey, the programme highlights the unique and delicate habitat of the Kars Wetland, the Caucasus, and the Mediterranean Sea. Brought by ROSATOM, it will be broadcast by National Geographic starting this December.
ROSATOM, the world’s leading producer of safe and clean energy, is deeply concerned with the threats associated with global climate change. “Firstly, we want to draw attention of the international community to the nature’s rich beauty. Secondly, we want to remind that this environment may fall victim to the destructive consequences of human activities. Our film demonstrates fragility of the ecosystem, as well as the importance of participation of each of us in saving our planet,” Kirill Komarov, First Deputy Director General of ROSATOM, said at the event.

In her video message Freida Pinto, the project’s ambassador, says: “I believe that the project is very important for a multitude of reasons. It is important because it shows all of us the beauty of a natural world that has been hidden from the human eyes for so many years. It is also important because Wild Edens takes the chance to highlight the risks that we all face if climate change is not something we pay attention to.”
Andrew Zikking Series Producer of the documentary of Off The Fence, said: “Although this film is part of the Wild Edens campaign highlighting the issue of climate change. Our film did not set out just to film habitat destruction, or environmental damage. We wanted to capture and celebrate Turkey’s staggering array of wildlife, but also set out the very real context of what could be lost. We wanted to tell the story of these fragile ecosystems through some Turkey’s most endangered species. At intimate, important moments in their life cycle. Be that mating, hunting or just surviving”.
Filmed over 3 months, the documentary, an Off The Fence production, will air across multiple markets in Turkey, Africa and Europe. 
Notes for the Editor:
About the Wild Edens project 
The project's main goal is to attract the attention of the international community to climate change and the need for a global transition to clean and low-carbon energy. The filming and broadcasting on National Geographic Channel of unique documentaries about wilderness areas with animals and plants in danger of extinction due to global climate change will be the culmination of the project. The locations for filming have been chosen to show the extraordinary beauty of landscapes, and at the same time to emphasize that these unique places and their inhabitants, rare species of animals, birds, the unique natural environment, forest, water bodies and plants, are in danger of extinction. Off the Fence, an independent production company, produced Wild Edens documentary series. Executive producers are Ellen Windemouth and Allison Bean. Producer and Director is Andrew Zikking.
Source: Press Service of Rusatom International Network