Rosenergoatom, the largest national generating company, is operator of all Russian nuclear power plants. It provides more than 40% of electricity in the European part of the country. In the past 15 years, Russian NPPs did not have a single incident that would be classed above Level 2 on International Nuclear Event Scale (INES). In 2017, Russian NPPs produced more than 202.868 bln kWh of electricity (196.366 bln kWh in 2016) or 18.9% of the country’s total generation of electricity.

Capacity factor of the plants has increased by 8 % over past decade (83.29% in 2017 vs 83.1% in 2016). Currently, capacity factor of domestic NPPs is up to that of the best-performing international peers, and has been at a level of about 85% since the beginning of 2015.