ROSATOM, jointly with the Ministry of Public Health of Russia, participates in the federal project “Lean Out-Patient Clinic”. It is called for to increase efficiency of health care centers and general accessibility to medical aid in different regions of the country.

The project is to implement principles of the ROSATOM Production System (RPS, the system for optimization of processes and continuous improvements) in out-patient-clinic departments of medical establishments. The project many-fold reduces queues, speeds up drop-off and processing of analyses, simplifies the procedure to register with a general practitioner and allows servicing much more patients with the same resources. All these save time of both the medical personnel and patients.

On the whole, the “Lean Out-Patient Clinic” implies a number of processes which can be optimized. In particular, the medical admitting office operation is restructured considering modern communications and IT-information management standards, and building up ability to access for the people with limited mobility. The take-a-number system is implemented. Doctors are relived from non-relevant jobs, including the paper job. Logistics of vaccinations, preventive examinations, medical examinations, and getting medicine assistance is changing.

About 200 RPS Projects have been started in 25 medical establishments of CATF and other nuclear host cities. They are aimed at improvement of accessibility of medical aid. The work is being held within the priority areas: the medical admitting office as the information center of the whole out-patient clinic, improvement of performance in preventive examinations, improvement of performance of occupational medicine departments, upgrading of the doctor-nurse process and organization of functioning of laboratories.

The Health Care Commission of the ROSATOM Public Council has built up the public control system over the implementation of the project “Lean Out-Patient Clinic”. The study results have shown that on average time a patient stays in the admitting office has reduced 2-4 times; a queue to the doctor has reduced 3-7 times, number of visits to the out-patient clinic for preventive examinations and medical examinations have reduced 2-3 times and waiting time of blood draw has shortened 1.5-2 times. Medical personnel note reduction of hard-copy paperwork, computerization of work places and assistance in supply of modern medical equipment.

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