One of the products available to international customers from the ROSATOM is the integrated offer for Centres of Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST). A CNST comprises a research reactor, a lab complex, and may optionally include a multipurpose irradiation centre and a nuclear medicine centre.

The offer comprises building a CNST on the turnkey basis, as well as creating and developing a nuclear infrastructure in the partner country, personnel training, fuel supplies, maintenance and retrofitting/upgrading, operational support, management of spent fuel and radioactive waste.


The basic CNST facility comprises a research reactor and several laboratories, including a radioisotope lab that produces radioisotopes for medical, industrial, and agricultural purposes, a radiobiology lab for agricultural research and experiments, a radiation material science complex to study and develop new materials, etc.

A CNST project can also include a nuclear medicine centre to diagnose/treat cardiac, oncological, and neurological diseases, as well as a multipurpose irradiation centre where agricultural products, medical consumables can be treated with radiation, and properties of different materials can be modified.

A Centre of Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST) provides for a unique opportunity to develop the national economy throughout a variety of sectors:

  • high-tech science and industry (developing applied and fundamental science, using isotopes in the industry; developing the material science, non-destructive testing techniques, innovative industrial technology);
  • healthcare (reducing mortality caused by oncological and other diseases; enhancing life quality and expectancy);
  • education and training (developing human resources for the nuclear energy and scientific sectors; enhancing higher education and creating a platform to teach students and scientists);
  • agriculture and food industry (enhancing crops and products shelf life by irradiation; increasing performance of the national agricultural sector and increase its export potential).

ROSATOM has vast experience of design, construction, operation, maintenance, and upgrading/retrofitting research reactors and other facilities a CNST may inlcude: more than 120 research reactors were built with the support of ROSATOM. 22 projects of CNST's based on research reactors were implemented by Rosatom abroad: in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Egypt, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and other countries. At the moment, Rosatom is operating approximately 20% of all research reactors existing in the world.

For more information on ROSATOM integrated offer for CNST, please, visit the web-site of JSC Rusatom Overseas