A new line of business for the state corporation Rosatom is the design and construction of Centres of nuclear medicine and irradiation therapy, both in Russia and abroad, to meet the growing demand for diagnostic services. 

The United Innovation Corporation is the Rosatom subsidiary engaged in the construction and fitting out of radionuclide diagnostic centres, both fixed and mobile, and of radionuclide diagnostic departments at medical institutions. 

The state-of-art diagnostic tool, the single-photon emission tomographic scanner (OFEKT), which was designed to diagnose oncological and cardiological diseases, was developed by Rosatom companies to equip diagnostic centres. Another diagnostic tool, a positron-emission tomographic scanner, which allows the smallest malignant growths to be detected, is currently in the course of development.

The process solutions for radiation therapy departments are represented by contact and remote irradiation therapy equipment. The development and installation of a cyclotron-radiochemical laboratory (CRL) for the production of pharmaceutical radiological compounds (PRC), PET diagnostics and radiological therapy is proposed within the confines of the framework for the implementation of a comprehensive solution for medical centres. The cyclotrons and target facilities allow isotopes to be produced for medical and research purposes. The CRL equipment also incorporates a 68Ge/68Ga generator used for PET and a 99Мо/99mТс generator for SPECT diagnostics.

The «Pilot irradiation centre» project is currently being implemented in Russia. It envisages the establishment of a network of specialized irradiation centres around the country to meet the growing demand for the irradiation treatment of goods and materials, and the sterilisation of medical instruments.

A project to construct a Centre of nuclear science and technology is currently under way in Vietnam. The construction of another Centre of nuclear science and technology along with the necessary infrastructure for its application in science, medicine, industry and agriculture is envisaged in Bolivia in accordance with a Memorandum, signed in October 2015.