The Memorandum of Understanding between the Rusatom International Network and the Association of the Hungarian Atomic Forum was signed on May 15, 2018, on the 10th International Forum ATOMEXPO 2018.
The document was signed by the Head of Rosatom Central Europe, Vadim Titov representing the Rusatom International Network and by the chairman of the Nuclear Forum István Lenkei, representing the Hungarian side.
The document determines the interaction of the parties in the course of the realization of the Paks II NPP project. Particular emphasis is placed on the strengthening of Russian-Hungarian professional relations, the exchange of professional information, together with the cooperation in achieving the planned share of localization.
The parties agreed on organizing bilateral conferences and seminars, informing target groups on actual issues of nuclear energy, transferring knowledge and specialists, together with involving the widest range of Hungarian suppliers for the effective realization of the Paks II NPP project.
For the reference:
Rusatom International Network is a non-profit organization within the ROSATOM State Corporation structure, that meets the challenges of developing and managing a network of foreign regional centers. The company’s structure incorporates 11 regional centers. The main tasks of the company and the regional centers include business development, promotion of Russian nuclear industry’s products and services on the global market, as well as ROSATOM State Corporation international communication support. One of the main functions of the company is the coordination of foreign economic activities of enterprises in the structure of ROSATOM.

Source: Press Service of Rusatom International Network