The responsible attitude to the use of natural resources is one of ROSATOM’s priorities and an important factor of sustainable development of the Corporation.
ROSATOM aims at acting based on conditions of “do no significant harm” to the environment. This principle, among other, implies the minimizing releases of contaminants in the atmosphere, discharges to water bodies and generation of waste volumes. ROSATOM considers it important to increase energy efficiency as well as to extent the use of closed production cycle technologies. In the framework of environmental protection one more area of the Corporation activities is the measures aimed at remediating disturbed land, vegetation cover, and preserving biodiversity.
ROSATOM supports initiatives related to combating climate change at national and global levels. In its production activity the Corporation takes guidance from conformance with Russian and international standards in the field of ecology in host regions as well as provides for transparency and accessibility of information about environmental aspects of activity of sectoral enterprises to a broad circle of the stakeholders.