Russian nuclear workers met their professional holiday – Nuclear Worker Day – by setting a new electricity production record. By September 28, 2017 Russian nuclear power units (branches of Rosenergoatom which is part of ROSATOM) have generated 148.4 billion kWh of electricity, 2.5 billion kWh more than FTS balance which is 145.8 billion kWh.
To note, by this date in 2016 about 138.3 billion kWh of electricity was produced.
Thus, by the Nuclear Worker Day, Russian NPPs have produced a record amount of electricity over the entire history of existence of the Russian nuclear power.
To note, by the end of this year Russian NPPs can reach another electricity production record by exceeding planned indicators of FTS and the achievement of 2016. They can produce 196.366 billion kWh.

Source: Information and Public Relations Department of Rosenergoatom