Nuclear industry demands unique knowledge and skills and well-orchestrated teamwork. Operating nuclear energy facilities requires highly qualified professionals. That is why ROSATOM contributes significantly to human resources development for the partner countries.

To reach this goal ROSATOM supports a number of initiatives: Russian Government fellowships (quotas) for international students to study at the leading Russian engineering universities, cross-university cooperation and networking, professional development programs, etc.

ROSATOM educational platform

ROSATOM has been actively collaborating with the partner Universities – members of Rosatom Partner Universities’ Consortium. There are 18 leading Russian universities that teach international students from 54 countries in nuclear and related disciplines:

ROSATOM partner universities offer a wide range of academic programs from Russian language preparatory course to PhD programs that allow further employment in the area of power and non-power applications of nuclear technologies: nuclear physics, chemistry, radiology, electric and heat power engineering, nuclear medicine, material studies, biotechnologies, IT, civil engineering and other nuclear related areas.

Rosatom partner universities booklet

To support international students from ROSATOM partner countries there are fellowships (quotas) provided by the Russian Government that cover tuition fees and monthly stipend while studying in Russia. These fellowships are available for all levels of higher education. International students who want to study in Russia can apply for the Russian Government fellowships (quotas) by filling out the electronic application form at the website: .

Russian Government fellowships guide

Guide for applicants

International students who study at Russian universities in the framework of the fellowships supported by ROSATOM have a chance to get practical skills and competences at ROSATOM enterprises. Annually over 400 international students do their practical internships at ROSATOM resource centers.

Moreover, international students can take part in ROSATOM youth events and projects: such as youth scientific and practical conferences, "Ambassadors of the Russian nuclear education" etc.

ROSATOM is interested in the future successful employment of all students at their home countries after graduation. We organize ROSATOM International Career Days aimed at establishing interactions with the nuclear industry enterprises and other potential employers in the partner countries, informing international students about the peculiarities of nuclear project development in their countries and nuclear infrastructure to give them comprehensive overview of their future career prospects.

Contact us for more detailed information: Project Office of International Education of ROSATOM - Yulia Dmitrieva, Vera Upirova, Anna Danyutina