TENEX is the world’s largest exporter of initial nuclear fuel cycle products, covering a significant share of the demand from foreign designed reactors in terms of uranium enrichment services. The company, 100% of whose shares belong to Atomenergoprom, comes under the auspices of the Rosatom development and international business Unit. In addition, Techsnabexport operates as an integrator for commercial bids for larger customers, and ensures the involvement of foreign credit on beneficial terms for the implementation of large-scale industry projects.

In late 2015 TENEX was appointed the industry integrator of international sales in the field of back-end with the purpose of creating within the nuclear industry framework an efficient mechanism of promotion of proven Russian hi-tech solutions and R&D in the field of SNF and RW management, decommissioning of NPP’s and other nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities on the global market. In 2016 Atomenergopromsbyt was transferred under TENEX management with the purpose of promoting projects in energy trading on the competitive Russian energy market and abroad.