The discussion will explore the main trends in the development of modern nuclear fuel cycle in the context of current geopolitical challenges.
A round table on “Development of Nuclear Fuel Cycle (NTC) in Two-Component Energy: Current Challenges and Sustainable Solutions” will take place on March 25, at the 13th International Forum ATOMEXPO-2024.
The event will be attended by representatives of leading Russian and international companies (ROSATOM, Techsnabekport JSC, TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom, etc.), scientific organizations, subject matter experts, public organizations from China, Hungary, Belarus and other countries. The session will be moderated by Alexander Bychkov, IAEA expert.
The discussion will focus on topical issues of technological and innovative development based on solutions offered by the global nuclear industry. Panelists from around the world, along with traditional issues of uranium mining, shortage of conversion and enrichment, improvement of fabrication and reliability of supplies, will discuss ways to increase the scale of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) processing, acceptable radioactive waste (RW) conditioning, specific issues of energy-grade plutonium management, etc.
Source: Press Service of TENEX JSC