The select team of ROSATOM became the winner in the unofficial team scoring at the WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2018. The National Championship of cross-industry blue collar jobs in hi-tech sectors was held in Yekaterinburg on October 24-28.
ROSATOM team was represented in 20 out of 32 championship competences. Participants from ten corporate divisions collected 16 gold, two silver and two bronze medals. 
For example, Victor Korobeynikov (a gold medalist), electric welder of the 6th category, representing Atommash, branch of AEM-Technology in Volgodonsk, had the most remarkable triumph in the “Welding Techniques” competence. He also received the “Industry development craftsman” certificate for one million rubles from the Industry Development Fund.
Gold medals in the “CAD Engineering Design” competence were awarded to Alexander Pilschikov, design technician of the 2nd category from the Russian Federal Nuclear Center VNIITF, and Yaroslav Usmanov (“Juniors”). Daria Egorova, chemical analysis laboratory worker, Siberian chemical plant JSC, got the gold medal in the “Laboratory Chemical Analysis” competence, while Victoria Koroleva (“Juniors”) took silver. The gold medals in the “Mechatronics” competence were awarded to Alexey Panov, I&C technician of MSZ company, Andrey Shurmanov, repair engineer of the same enterprise, and Georgiy Illarionov and Mark Kolodeyev (both in “Juniors”). 
Oleg Akhmetov, wireman of the 5th category, Mayak company, took gold in the “Industry Automatic Controls” competence. Eugeniy Lozhkin, process engineer of Electrokhimpribor, became the winner in the “Prototype Modelling” competence. Igor Matyunin, computer-controlled machine operator of the 4th category representing AEM-technologies Engineering Company, Petrozavodskmash, took silver in the “CNC turning” competence. Victoria Nebayeva (NIIgrafit JSC) took gold in the “Manufacturing of polymeric material products”. Marat Usmanov, process engineer of the 3rd category at ZiO Podolsk, collected the gold medal in “Process engineer” category. Vladislav Astapov, x-ray gammagraphy inspector of the 6th category at Energospetsmontazh, became the gold medalist in the “Nondestructive testing”. Andrey Marchuk, technician for repair of technical equipment of the 6th category at the Rostov NPP (branch of Rosenergoatom Concern JSC), became the winner in the “Industrial mechanics and installation” competence. Anton Osipov, process engineer of the 1st category at Balakovatomenergoremont (branch of Atomenergoremont JSC) took gold in the “Process systems for energy facilities". Danil Lavrov, manager for the development of young specialists in the nuclear industry at Grinatom JSC, received the gold medal in the “Network and system administration”.
The gold medals in the “Design” competence were awarded to Artem Gabbasov, leading design engineer of Vnipipromtechnologii JSC; Alexander Vinokurov, engineer of the 2nd category representing Atomstroyexport; Nikolay Golubev, design-engineer at Mayak company; and Vladimir Vasilenko, engineer at Atomenergoproekt JSC. “Life cycle management” gold medals were awarded to Dmitry Afinogenov, economist of the 3rd category at Afrikantov OKBM JSC, Alexey Vilenskiy, technician at Afrikantov OKBM JSC, Pavel Grishenkov, design engineer of the 1st category at Afrikantov OKBM JSC, Ruslan Zasukhin, engineer of the 3rd category at Afrikantov OKBM JSC, Andrey Kozlov, process engineer at Mayak company, Gregory Korkishko, economist of the 1st category at Atomstroyexport, Nikolai Kryukov, shift process engineer at Mayak company, Sergey Kuritsyn, design engineer of the 2nd  category at Afrikantov OKBM JSC, Alexey Markin, leading engineer at Afrikantov OKBM JSC and Vladimir Filipov, design engineer at Mayak company. Evgeny Ryzhov, electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment at Afrikantov OKBM JSC won in the “Electric wiring” category. Gold in the “Occupational safety” was taken by Tatyana Nasyrova, occupational safety expert at Instrument-making plant.
Vyacheslav Muzyukin, research engineer at NPO Centrotekh, took silver in the “Electronics”. Bronze medals in the “Technology of composites” were awarded to Alexander Kharkov, head of investment projects at NIIgrafit JSC, and Vladimir Yudaev, specialist of the same Institute. Ilya Migashkin and Alexander Vavilov (“Juniors”) won bronze medals in the “Mobile robotics". Maxim Kireev, operator of computer-controlled machines of the 5th category at Instrument-making plant, received the bronze medal in the “CNC milling”.
In addition, ROSATOM triumphed in the “Best practices of work with young professionals using WorldSkills tools” category.
Alexey Likhachev, ROSATOM Director General, congratulated the Championship participants and noted: “None of you present in this hall today lost. Everybody grew stronger and more skillful. However, the championship has revealed the best ones who you can see standing on this stage. I am highly honored and happy to grant each of the gold medalists a certificate for a two-day visit to Rosatomflot. You’ll have an opportunity to see the creation of the service competence for the Northern sea route, the launch of the first world floating nuclear power plant”.
For the reference: 
Throughout its history, the nuclear industry has solved extremely difficult technical tasks, literally building technologies from the ground up. This would be impossible without highly skilled engineers and workers. Blue collars have always been the basis of ROSATOM. Today, the industry involves more than 115 thousand workers, or about 45% of the total number of the nuclear labor force. ROSATOM's annual participation in the WorldSkills Hi-Tech helps industry employees not only to improve their skills, but also to enhance the prestige of blue collar jobs. 
ROSATOM team became the winner of the medal count at the WorldSkills Hi-Tech championship three years on end. ROSATOM team competed in 8 categories and took 6 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals, which made it the team scoring winner at WorldSkills Hi-Tech-2015. At WorldSkills Hi-Tech-2016, ROSATOM team won 6 gold, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal (and became the 1-st in the team scoring). ROSATOM team took a total of 8 gold, 2 silver medals and one bronze medal at WorldSkills Hi-Tech-2017. 

Source: Press Service of Academy of ROSATOM