At the Rooppur NPP construction site in the People's Republic of Bangladesh (with the Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division being the general designer and general contractor), installation of steel structures of the outer containment dome has been completed in the reactor building of Unit 2. Specialists of the Engineering Division have set a record – they installed the outer containment dome in 2 days. This is the shortest time period for performance of such operation.
The upper part of the dome, having the weight of 129 tons and diameter of 34.5 meters, was installed in the design position at a height of 57.1 meters. Now the construction height is 63.9 meters and it will reach 65.4 meters after concreting of the dome.
“We have successfully completed the installation of the outer containment dome and will start its concreting soon. After that we will be able to proceed with the installation of passive heat removal systems”, said Alexey Deriy, ASE JSC Vice President - Director for Rooppur NPP construction project.
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Source: Communications Division of Rosatom Engineering Division